Facility Planning

We are focused on helping our clients expand their vision and recognize new opportunities in facility planning. Our facility planning services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client, and may include: master planning, hydraulic modeling, site plan preparation, environmental evaluations, traffic circulation patterns, and utility locations. We also prepare due diligence reports for facility acquisitions, which may include assessment of facility conditions, appraisal of land value, estimation of depreciated value of facilities and financial analysis for funding mechanisms.

Utility and Asset Management

Utilities are under great pressure to operate efficiently, protect the public health and continuously do more with less. We help our clients achieve these goals with our utility and asset management services. We offer asset inventory services (including evaluation of infrastructure, sidewalks/roadways, treatment facilities, buildings, structures, and other utility equipment) to help our clients manage renewal and replacement programs and to meet new financial reporting requirements. We also help our clients prepare business plans for new or existing utilities to define the legal, fiscal, technical and administrative requirements for managing a utility. These business plans help our clients identify utility organizational structures and staffing, contractual requirements, implementation tasks, and financial requirements, including plan of finance, budgets, chart of accounts and rate/fee structures. All of these tools can greatly improve the operating efficiency of a utility.