Charles Street Realignment

Baxter & Woodman assisted the City of Rockford with the design and construction of a realigned 5-lane arterial roadway through the City.  The realignment of Charles Street was a cooperative effort between the City and Swedish American Hospital to accommodate expansion plans for the hospital and provide a focal point for redevelopment of the surrounding area. As a result of the successful realignment, upwards of $41 million dollars in economic development has ensued.

 A few of the design elements of this $6.3 million project included:

  • Realignment and reconstruction of Charles Street from First Avenue to Eleventh Street.
  • Resurfacing of Charles Street from Eleventh Street to the eastern project terminus at Twelfth Street.
  • Reconstruction of Second Avenue from Eighth Street to the realigned Charles Street.
  • Construction of a cul-de-sac and landscape berm on Third Avenue between 8th Street and 9th Street.
  • Construction of a new parking area and landscape berm on Eighth Street between Second Avenue and the realigned Charles Street.
  • Reconstruction of Ninth Street at the intersection with the realigned Charles Street.
  • Reconstruct the intersection of Charles Street with Eleventh Street and Williams Park roadway.
  • Widening and resurfacing Eleventh Street south of Charles Street.
  • Reconstruction of the Williams Park corridor north of Charles Street to provide a new parking lot adjacent to the Lincoln Middle School.
  • Construction of a driveway ramp behind Lincoln Middle School to allow bus circulation around the existing building and enhance pedestrian safety.
  • Construction of three off-street parking lots behind buildings on the south side of Third Avenue.
  • Construction of new water main and services on the realigned Charles Street between Ninth and Eleventh Streets.
  • Installation of traffic signals at the intersection of the realigned Charles Street with Ninth Street and Eleventh Street. The signals included video detection.
  • Installation of a new decorative street light system on Charles Street between First Avenue and Twelfth Street.
  • Construct landscape planters in the Charles Street median between Ninth and Eleventh Street.

This project won a Merit Award in the Transportation Category of the Engineering Excellence Awards Competition by the Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois!