Data Management

Sign Inventory

Baxter & Woodman helped the City of Crystal Lake develop a consistent, thorough traffic sign inventory.  The inventory provides the City with a solid understanding of existing sign conditions and compliance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) retroreflectivity standards, and delivers a valuable asset management tool for maintenance purposes.

Our staff used state-of-the-art GPS units to collect the accurate location, detailed attributes, and photos of each City-owned sign. The signs were inspected for daytime and nighttime visibility conditions. Signs not passing inspection were recommended for replacement upon completion of the project.

Master Address Repository

Baxter & Woodman assisted the City with the development of a Master Address Repository to provide an accurate and uniform inventory of addresses. Project goals included enhancing data standardization for emergency response and municipal mailings, which will result in increased safety for residents and a more efficient workflow for City staff. Baxter & Woodman staff members utilized a variety of resources to compile addressing information, and conducted field work to supplement the workflow. At the end of the project, the City was provided with an accurate GIS based dataset of all known address points for each dwelling within the City’s jurisdiction.