Oak Street Water Main Lining

The Oak Street water main lining was part of a large transportation project. The Village of Glen Ellyn planned to replace about 2,200 feet of 6-inch diameter water main on Oak Street, from Western to Main Street. The water main in this area was from the 1960s decade and had experienced several water main breaks. Aging mains can experience water loss and inadequate flow/capacity, incur water quality problems, and have an increased risk for catastrophic pipe failures.  Finding an economical solution to replace/repair the aging main was critical.  Baxter & Woodman completed a full water main replacement design for the Village and the engineer’s estimate of $750,000 exceeded the Village’s budget of $550,000. The Village asked us to evaluate some alternatives to full replacement. We recommended a solution we have recently used in several communities, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining. CIPP lining of water mains is an approved trenchless pipe rehabilitation process completed by installing a structural liner within a deteriorating host pipe.

The water main lining re-design solution fit the Village’s budget with the additional benefits of reducing construction time and minimizing disturbance in this residential neighborhood.