Parking Lot 13

Parking Lot 13 accommodates 180 vehicles and is located in downtown LaGrange, adjacent to the Metra rail lines. The parking lot was in a distressed condition, with pavement and curb settlement and failure throughout the entire parking lot.  Also, the layout of the existing parking lot created multiple points of pedestrian traffic  crossings.

The Village began discussions with Baxter & Woodman, Inc. to explore the best method to reconstruct this parking lot with an emphasis on improved pedestrian flow and environmentally friendly features.  Brick pavers were chosen for their permeability and durability.  With the assistance of Baxter & Woodman, the Village applied for and received an Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG) from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to reconstruct the lot using permeable pavers.

The soil borings for the lot showed that approximately 3 feet of cinders and 1 to 2 feet of topsoil were under the existing asphalt pavement and aggregate base course. Before the brick pavers could be installed, the topsoil had to be removed from the site so the organics in the topsoil did not decompose and cause the parking lot to settle and fail. Baxter & Woodman designed the parking lot so no new material was required by reusing crushed existing pavement and aggregate onsite as subgrade material, saving the Village money and expediting the construction schedule.

Sustainable benefits:

  • Milling the existing lot eliminated the need to haul existing pavement off-site – saving truck diesel fuel and landfill space.
  • Using materials onsite reduced off-site stock piles – promoting environmental responsibility.
  • Reusing the crushed pavement and aggregate reduced the need for aggregate to be extracted from quarries and gravel pits and eliminated the subsequent shipping – reducing vehicle emissions.