Phase I & II Engineering – Four Bridges

McHenry County hired Baxter & Woodman, Inc. to complete Phase I preliminary design and Phase II final design engineering on four bridge replacements throughout the County:

  • Graf Road Bridge over Lawrence Creek
  • Graf Road Bridge over the West Branch of Piscasaw Creek
  • Union Road Bridge over the South Branch of Kishwaukee River
  • Lawrence Road Bridge over Lawrence Creek

The bridges were structurally deficient and load posted. All four projects were funded through the Federal Highway Bridge Program.  Phase I Engineering included Bridge Condition Reports, Type Size & Location Drawings, and Project Development Reports, all processed through the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Local Roads.

The Graf Road bridges used PPC deck beam superstructures with reinforced concrete overlays. The design team created custom details for a variable-depth reinforced concrete overlay which could incorporate the County’s custom two-tube steel railing system.

The Union Road and Lawrence Road bridges used PPC I-Beam superstructures, and also incorporated the County’s two-tube railing system.  The Lawrence Road project was constructed in stages to avoid a detour that would have crossed state lines.

Coordination with local agencies, including the Illinois Department of Transportation, Chemung Township, and McHenry County Division of Transportation, was ongoing throughout the project.  All four bridges were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.