Water System Interconnect

The water system interconnection between the Villages of Carpentersville and West Dundee is a great example of two communities finding a way to “help their neighbor” and work together for the benefit of both systems – increasing operating efficiency, improving safety, and saving both Villages millions of dollars. This water system interconnect project provides a much needed backup system for each town’s water supply system.

Hydraulic analysis of each community’s water system, including evaluation of the water tanks’ overflow elevations and testing of fire hydrant pressures, indicated that the systems operated at similar pressure.  The water quality offered by each system was also comparable. In order to complete the interconnection, approximately 75 feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main was installed under Binnie Road. A below grade, prefabricated metering vault, which consisted of a manual valve, flow meter, sump pump, heater and dehumidification, was also  installed. Both communities have augmented their water SCADA systems to allow the net transfer of water between the communities to remain minimal.

Another significant element of this project was assisting both communties with the development and acceptance of an intergovernmental agreement for the long-term sharing of water.