WWTP Aerobic Digester Blower Replacement

Aeration  System Energy Audit

Baxter & Woodman assisted the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, in conducting an activated sludge energy audit to determine potential energy savings through various improvements to aeration system equipment and operations. The study consisted of site visits to the facility, interviewing operators and staff regarding operations and maintenance habits, analyzing power data as gathered by our BWCSI group in conjunction with operating data gathered from the plant staff, and compiling a report that summarizes the results and compares energy consumption to other similar facilities.

Aerobic Digester Blower Replacement

As a result of this energy audit, Baxter & Woodman is assisting the City with the installation of 2 new screw compressors to replace existing positive displacement blowers, which are approximately 20 years old.  The new blowers will provide air to the existing aerobic digesters.  The project may be funded in part through a Wisconsin Focus on Energy grant.

  • One of the first applications of aerobic digestion systems in the State of Wisconsin!
  • Projected payback for improvements is approximately 8 years!