Value Engineering (VE) identifies opportunities to remove unnecessary costs in projects while assuring that quality, reliability, performance and other critical factors will meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. VE is a rigorous, systematic effort to improve the value and optimize the life cycle cost of a facility. VE generates these cost improvements without sacrificing needed performance levels.

We specialize in value engineering and constructibility reviews for municipal projects. For the past nine years, we have served as Palm Beach County’s General Value Engineering Consultant and have provided VE and constructibility reviews (CR) for a variety of projects, including water and wastewater treatment plant expansions, master plans, infrastructure improvements, municipal facilities, master pump station designs, and utility valuations and acquisitions.

The results of our value engineering services are unsurpassed. On average, we have provided life cycle cost savings equal to 26% of construction cost, and the average rate of return for our services is 58:1, which means for every $1 spent for our value engineering services, we have provided $58 of life cycle cost savings. We provide VE expertise and an outstanding performance record to improve the value and optimize the cost of any project.