Green Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Baxter & Woodman helped the Village of Kenilworth adopt a 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan in 2012. One of the key components of the Plan involved finding a better way to retain and treat stormwater runoff at the individual street level.  This will reduce stormwater velocity, reduce necessary sewer sizes, and improve water quality—which will ultimately allow the Village to disconnect from an often-surcharged sewer interceptor and discharge clean stormwater to Lake Michigan.

Improving the quality of stormwater runoff is critical to the success of the project, both in terms of permitting the planned improvements and preserving the long-term health of Kenilworth Beach.

To achieve this, the Village is taking a different approach to roadway construction and parkway grading. Several “green” infrastructure improvements are being considered, including a permeable pavement system and bio-infiltration in the parkways.

KW2023_meetingIn December 2013, Baxter & Woodman hosted an open house for the residents of Kenilworth to ask questions about and provide feedback on the planned capital improvements. Attendees visited various stations to see and vote for infrastructure alternatives. The stations, which were manned by Baxter & Woodman project staff, allowed for one-on-one input and inquiry based on each stakeholder’s address and interests.

The first phase of the Capital Improvement Plan includes installation of approximately 5,000 feet of storm sewer ranging in size from 18- to 42-inches, 2.5 acres of permeable pavement, and 30,000 square feet of rain gardens.