Dewes Henley Harlem Drainage Improvements


Roadway improvements

The Dewes-Henley-Harlem neighborhood in Glenview, Illinois, has a long history of repeated flood damages due to a high level of impervious cover and no suitable overland flow path from several low-lying areas.

The Village had discussed purchasing vacant land from the Glenview United Methodist Church to provide stormwater detention.  However, the cost of acquiring the property, in addition to the cost of constructing the detention basin and the infrastructure necessary to get stormwater from the flood prone areas to the new detention basin, put this project out of reach.


Detention area


Baxter & Woodman helped the Village secure a Hazard Mitigation Grant from FEMA for $2,784,000. This grant made it possible for the Village to construct a 9.3 acre-foot detention basin and 4,650 feet of storm sewer ranging from 12-inches to 48-inches in diameter. Preparation of the grant application involved modifying an existing storm sewer system model to demonstrate the benefits of the proposed improvements, as well as performing a benefit-cost


  • 2016 APWA Project of the Year Award Winner, Transportation $5M but less than $25M