Flood Risk Reduction Assessment & Master Plan

The flood damage resulting from severe storm events in September, 2008 and July, 2011 devastated the citizens of the Village of Winnetka, Illinois.  The Village responded by initiating Flood Risk Reduction Assessments to determine what improvements could be made to mitigate flood damage from future storm events in the areas proven to be the most susceptible to flooding.  In 2012, the Village hired Baxter & Woodman to develop a Stormwater Master Plan, which includes development of an implementation strategy for each component of the plan.  As a first step in the development of the Stormwater Master Plan, Baxter & Woodman conducted a Flood Risk Reduction Assessment of the areas within the Village that had yet to be assessed (the six “Additional Study Areas”).

Other aspects of the Stormwater Master Plan include:

  • Water Quality
  • Stormwater BMPs
  • Development Policies and Regulations
  • Storm Sewer System Operations and Maintenance
  • Floodplain Management

Implementation of this project includes presentation of the final Stormwater Master Plan to the Village Council.  Baxter & Woodman also developed and managed a project website for the Village.