Stormwater Drainage Study

Baxter & Woodman completed a city-wide drainage study for the City of Lake Forest and followed that project up with a series of more detailed drainage studies in several problem areas identified by the city-wide study. The projects resulted in the development of a phased improvement program including cost estimates for recommended improvements.

The City steadily implemented the phased improvement program over several years and then hired Baxter & Woodman again for an updated 2013 Stormwater Drainage Study which included:

  • an analysis of storm sewers, ravines, and roadside ditches, and
  • a prioritized list of recommended solutions for the critical areas identified in each analysis.

The storm sewer system analysis:

  • identified 14 projects in 9 Study Areas ranging in cost from $70,000 to $980,000.
  • prioritized projects based on a ranking system that considered the number of properties that would benefit from the improvements, their cost, and the timing of planned capital improvements in the vicinity of the recommended improvements.

When considering the benefits of the improvements, projects which eliminated structural flooding were given the most weight. Projects that would eliminate yard flooding were assigned less weight, while projects that would only reduce the frequency of road closures received the least weight.

The highest priority project is planned for design and construction in 2014.