Florida is known throughout the nation as being a trend setter in regulatory compliance issues. The regulatory structure of the permitting agencies is constantly changing with delegation of new state regulatory programs and with pending rule revisions that impact water resources, wastewater facilities, reuse programs, drinking water quality, effluent disposal, and deep well injection, just to name a few.

We actively monitors Federal, State and local regulatory requirements and rule revisions. We track and forecast critical regulations to ensure project design criteria does not become “outdated”. Our regulatory services include preparation of permit applications, safety management programs, facility compliance reporting and project completion documentation. Through our permitting experience, we have maintained strong local ties to each of the communities that we serve. Our familiarity with the rule makers and permitting staff at the various agencies simplifies the permitting process. Our goal is to help our clients meet regulatory compliance for all projects without “surprises” which may impact project objectives and schedules.

The complex interrelationship of the regulatory agencies can make permitting one of the most difficult project tasks to complete. We maintain a clear understanding of the relationships between State and local agencies to ensure an accurate and efficient permitting process for all projects.

Service Highlights:

  • Facility Permitting
  • Capacity Analysis Reports
  • Reuse Feasibility Reports
  • Operation and Maintenance Reports
  • Emergency Effluent Management Plans
  • Risk Management / Process Safety Management Plans
  • Industrial Pretreatment Programs