In the last decade, our nation has realized the importance of properly collecting and treating stormwater separate from water and wastewater facilities. In Florida alone, stormwater runoff has greatly impacted our ecosystem as nutrients and contaminants have washed across agricultural areas and farmlands and have accumulated at dangerous levels in primary water bodies such as Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. These same impacts are occurring within all watershed areas.

Stormwater_AWe apply contemporary design concepts to maximize stormwater conveyance for flood protection while properly treating runoff to meet State water quality standards. We help our clients expand their vision and recognize new opportunities to solve recurring problems.

The Town of Gulf Stream faced chronic flooding in a pristine residential neighborhood due to difficult land conditions, extremely low road elevations, mucky soil conditions, and high tide levels from the Intracoastal that inhibited proper drainage of runoff from the area.

Stormwater_BWe designed an integrated, multiple-option stormwater system with new submersible pump station and transmission system to relieve the Town’s flooding hazard. To preserve the neighborhood’s lush landscaping and architecture, the transmission pipeline was installed using directional drill methods to minimize disturbance to above ground facilities. Our innovative design concepts provided flood protection, maintained water quality and preserved the Town’s quality of life.