The Structural Department provides engineering services related to the inspection, evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures, design of new structures, assistance during construction and review of structural designs prepared by others.

Structural Services Contact

Charles Brunner, PE, SE
Vice President

Bridge Inspection Services

Baxter & Woodman provides a comprehensive list of bridge inspection services. Our structural department includes multiple NBIS-certified Program Managers who are also licensed Structural Engineers, and we serve numerous local agencies throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin performing routine, special feature, and fracture-critical bridge inspections. We take our services a step further by providing repair and maintenance recommendations, long-term planning, and funding applications.

Beyond highway bridge inspection, we also inspect a wide array of pedestrian bridges for other agencies. We inspect and inventory a large system of trail bridges for both the McHenry County Conservation District and the Fox Valley Park District, some of which own and maintain bridges over 100 years of age.

Baxter & Woodman also incorporates drone technology into our bridge inspections. With experienced drone pilots and high-resolution cameras, we can view areas on structures that could not otherwise be accessed. For example, our drone flight captured this bent connection plate along the top truss chord (pictured on the left).