Success Stories

Village Resident: “As the water main project nears completion, I would like to compliment the crew. . . kind, courteous and neat in a very dirty job.”

“”I felt working with you (Baxter & Woodman) was an extension of our Village Hall Family.””

“Chris – You did a really good job with this project. Thanks a lot; it is appreciated. Especially with the IDOT documentation and the relationship with our Engineering staff that you developed.”

“Very impressed with the level of professionalism/responsiveness over the last few years.”

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for you “scrambling the team” yesterday to help us. It is an amazing feeling to have consultants/engineers who are able to be so flexible, helpful, and able to meet short deadlines.”

“Very impressed by how thorough and expeditious B&W’s review was regarding this matter.  The fact that I asked about it at 5:30pm yesterday and had a 2-page memo before 7am this morning exhibited great service!

“I am really happy with the final grant application product.  Thanks to the B&W team who worked on this.  I know how competitive this grant is, so my expectations are in check, but you never know…”

“Nice Job assisting us during the strike!  B&W staff approached the job with a “Can Do” attitude and willingness to help however they can.  A great example of good client service.”

“The Project Manager was a dream to work with. He was always visible and working. He responded to any and all concerns we had promptly and courteously. Overall, I would give him an “A”. Your firm should definitely hang on to him!”

“I want to thank everyone for working as a team to make this project a reality.  This was a neat, clean and well-run project.”

“Your final Assessment was VERY well done. One of my reviewers stated that it was “one of the best she has seen to date” (and believe me, we have looked at a LOT of them). I agree. You did a wonderful job organizing the document”

“Well done!! It’s been great working with you all and I have enjoyed the experience enormously. Thank you for making my job so easy!”

“I am getting a lot of compliments on this project. People (including our Village Manager) really like the lighting units, spacing, sidewalk look, trees, and the way this project connects this street section into the downtown.”

“The B&W Project Manager has the appropriate personnel skills to properly work out problems when they arise. Particularly, I have noticed that he approaches his work with a genuine concern for the future of the Village.”

“We couldn’t be happier with how the work was completed in our neighborhood this year.  The ongoing outreach completed throughout the project was great to keep us up-to-date on what was going on.  Thanks for your efforts!”

“B&W’s approach to the project was that of a project partner, rather than a paid consultant waiting to do what was asked. This approach led to collaboration that anticipated problems, asked the right questions at the right time, and developed a successful program.”

“My wife and I appreciated the friendly attitude and willingness to share your knowledge of the project with us.  More people should treat residents as you treated us… Thanks again for your caring attitude.”

“Your staff member is very knowledgeable and an asset to any project.  He has a great work ethic and is willing to be part of the team building the project… He did an excellent job for me and I would work with him again on any project.”

After a successful project kickoff meeting a client commented…

“If anyone had any question with the decision to select Baxter & Woodman – it was answered today.  Great Job!”

“I have been impressed with the level of professionalism / responsiveness over the last few years.”

“The B&W Representative was present every day the team was on site. I have to say that, in all my years of working with external vendors and projects, I have never seen anyone with such accessibility, authenticity, and sincere desire to do a great job.”

“What a courteous and effective communicator!!!! The B&W Project Representative has been a blessing to me during the Road construction. You are lucky to have him on your team. He represents you well.”

“The B&W Project Representative has not only been able to identify potential problems before they happen, but also to present and recommend solutions.”

“I want to take a minute to tell you all a great big THANK You!  We made it to a major milestone last week when we completed the NSP portion of the big demolition project – four blighted commercial buildings and 10 blighted homes all demolished.  This project began with a phone call in early August 2012 with the challenge to get the demolitions completed and funds spent by the end of February 2013.  The job is nearly complete and the NSP funds are spent! We actually have serious interest in two of the commercial sites and a plan for use of a third.  None of that would have been possible without the removal of the buildings.  What a great team!”