Water_1 As Civil Engineers, we face a unique challenge of maintaining the delicate balance between using our natural resources to improve our quality of life while preserving the natural state of those resources for future generations to come. Meeting this challenge is the primary objective of all water and wastewater projects.

We strive to provide the highest quality drinking water to our customers through careful evaluation and process selection. We provide integrated solutions that will meet treatment and supply needs while providing future flexibility.

Water_2We implement efficient collection and treatment systems for our wastes, and find ways to beneficially use and reuse the treatment process byproducts to add nutrients to the soil and to replenish the water supplies through irrigation and aquifer recharge. Through careful planning to utilize our wastes full-circle, our water and wastewater designs enhance the environment’s natural recycling process to keep our air, land and water supplies pristine.

Service Highlights:

  • Collection and Transmission Pumping Facilities
  • Treatment Plant Design
  • Reclaimed Water Facilities
  • Process Enhancement Studies
  • Pilot Plant Design / Operation
  • Water Accountability Studies
  • Master Planning